Ser Josef Green

House Cazaleta's wealthiest knight and land-owner


Against the customs of the North, Ser Josef dresses in expensive fabrics, bejeweled armor with a blue hued sword and the arrogance to match. Not much is known about his physical prowess, but his ability to make money nor his skill in politics is unquestioned.


Being the longest and largest property owner on Cazaleta’s lands, he’s been able to gradually increase in wealth and power. Initially, he bought a small patch of land using the money he gained from serving during Robert’s rebellion but has since grown his share of the land.

Recently, he has requested that in return for taking on more lands that his tax rate be cut in half, given permission to dispense justice on his lands and take a seat upon her council. Lady Cazaleta approved his requests except she settled on a trial run for the council seat and Ser Josef accepted.

Ser Josef Green

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