Lord Ian Cazaleta

Ian Cazaleta, Lord of Wolf's Watch


Served as Lord of Wolf’s Watch for some fourteen or fifteen years before he was captured by Clan Burley and held for ransom. Until that was discovered he had been presumed dead but upon his return he may as well be.

Ian experiences great fits of paranoia where he rambles nonsense until he’s covered in cold sweat and exhausted to the point of collapse. On the rare occasion he wakes up unafraid, he acts as though he didn’t remember the events of the last year. He attempts to take command of his castle and order his servants around but they don’t listen, some of which are afraid and others that no longer see Ian but a mad man. Only the gods know what his wife must think of him.

As odd as his ramblings are to hear, at times they are chilling to the point of being prophetic. For instance, he had exchanged a conversation with himself as if he were two separate people which resulted in him almost flinging himself from the tower’s window if not for the servants that were there. It was only later that it was found that conversation had taken place between a stable boy and a kitchen girl which ended in the girl’s death at his hands once things took a turn for the worse.

Until more is known of his condition, whether it is treatable or no then he is no longer fit to rule. For the time being he has been confined to his chambers in the Lord’s Tower, watched over by what left of the guard has stayed behind after the Lady Layna went to Winterfell.

Lady Layna will rule over Wolf’s Watch until her son becomes of an age to lead although some Northmen may not be so patient as Wolf’s Watch is a very prestigious castle and a man going mad is the same as him being dead to many a people.

Lord Ian Cazaleta

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