Wolf's Watch


Wolf’s Watch, seat of House Cazaleta. A castle built hundreds of years ago – very old but not as old as the other castles in the North such as Winterfell built by the First Men thought impossible to build again with today’s tools.

Wolf’s Watch was traditionally the seat of a cadet branch of House Stark until it’s lord and heirs fell in the Battle of the Trident during Robert’s Rebellion. Due to the good deeds done during that war, Lady Cazaleta was granted these lands as long as she swore fealty to House Stark, knowing full well Eddard Stark may harbor some negative feelings towards her for occupying a castle that a Stark has sat in for countless centuries – and a foreigner at that

Wolf’s Watch imitates the design of the First Men by surrounding the castle with a double wall with a moat separating the two. It’s towers stretch between three and five stories high, about half as high as the towers in Winterfell. Built atop volcanic vents found most commonly around the mountains behind them, it blows hot air at a steady breeze through the halls of Wolf’s Watch keeping the temperature bearable even through the coldest of winters.

The Castle sits on the banks of the White Knife where it forks in two separate directions, East and West. An identical wood and stone drawbridge sits over each river with towers on either side to fight off attackers.

The halls underneath the castle stretch below the White Knife on both sides with secret tunnels branching in all directions made for the Lord or Lady of the house to escape safely during a siege (some with dead ends to deter pursuit). They have recently been re-purposed into an ice chamber for the house to store meats, grains and other types of food in preparation of the long winter.

Not many live within the walls of Wolf’s Watch, however. Not due to it’s size for it is a formidable castle, but because of it’s defensible position it’s not in a good spot to double as a town. Thus, only Lady Cazaleta, her household and any other people she trusts lives inside. Because of this, much of the Castle is empty and desperate needs to be filled as parts of it are falling into disrepair.

Locations in Wolf’s Watch

  • The Wolf Den: The center of activity in Wolf’s Watch is the Great Keep. The rooms of the Lord and Lady Cazaleta are located within these walls, while the rooms of other Cazaleta family members are spread through other keeps within the castle walls. The Great Keep is next to the weapon practice yards; some of the Great Keep’s high, narrow windows overlook this area.
  • Wolf’s Head Hall: The seat of power in Wolf’s Watch is situated in Wolf’s Head Hall. The lord’s throne, situated at one end of Wolf’s Head Hall, is a large, cold stone seat, polished smooth and featured the carved visages of snarling direwolves at the end of its massive arms. The Hall itself serves several purposes. During events of state, the Lord of Wolf’s Watch sits in his stone seat to receive visitors. Large feats may also be held here. The room is large enough to seat 300 people. The Cazaleta family and their guests sit on the dais, a raised platform at one end of the room, while the other folk of the castle occupy eight long rows of trestle tables. The wide main doors into the Hall are made of weirwood and steel and connect the Hall to the castle yard. There is also an exit to the reat of the Hall that leads to a dimly lit gallery.
  • Godswood: Ten acres of land, the largest Godswood of any in the North, undisturbed for thousands of years dedicated to the old gods at Wolf’s Watch still has a weirwood at its center for the heart tree. The face carved into the white trunk of the heart tree is stern, ever watchful with the faint hint of a third eye having been carved, though that may not have been its original design. The tree stands in the middle of a small body of water on a smaller patch of land in front of a towering waterfall with snow capped mountains in the distance.
  • Library: Residing in its own tower is the library of Wolf’s Watch. The steps up the tower corkscrew around the outside of the structure. Though not as vast and well-stocked as some scholarly collections, the library at Wolf’s Watch does include such rare tomes as a book on the properties of dragons and an incomplete copy of Engines of War by Ayrmidon.
  • Crypts: In regards to the castle’s imitation of Wintefell and to the traditions of the North, beneath all this lie the crypts. This perpetually cold underground domain extends past the borders of Wolf’s Watch proper. The crypts are acessed through a door in the shadow of the Wolf Den. Since the Cazaleta family is new to Wolf’s Watch, the tomb still carries the ancestors of the previous occupants, a cadet branch of the Starks.
  • Glass Gardens: Heated by a combination of hot springs and trapped warmth within the green and yellow glass walls, the glass gardens of Wolf’s Watch are a startlingly beautiful feature in an otherwise harsh land. Among the plants grown in these gardens are the blue-colored “winter roses,” featured in some songs of the North.
  • Maester’s Tower: The maester’s tower is a turret connected to the Bell Tower. Atop the maester’s tower is the rookery, providing the maester with easy access to the ravens that come and go, bearing messages. From this turret, the maester may use a Myrish far-eyes to observe the land around Wolf’s Watch. See Maester Jeonan
  • The Walls of Wolf’s Watch: Wolf’s Watch is protected from invaders by two great walls. The outer wall is 80 feat in height, the inner wall is 100 feet. Between the two lies a wide moat. The inner wall is crenelated with over thirty watch turrets lining its length. The gatehouse for the castle consists of two bulwarks on either side of an arched gate. Inside this gatehouse is a snug room containing the mechanism to the drawbridge over the moat. There are other, smaller gates connecting Wolf’s Watch to the outside world, including a commonly used exit from the castle called the Hunter’s Gate. Located near the kennels and the kitchen, it opens onto the fields and forests outside of Wolf’s Watch. It is blocked by an iron portcullis.

Outside the Walls:

  • Market Square: Past the castle is a market square and a small unnamed village. The houses in the village are small, built of wood and undressed stone. Like Winter Town, during the summer the village is largely empty while the residents are out tilling the fields. As winter draws nigh, however, the natives return to their homes near the keep, making this village a bustling center complete with its own alehouse, called the Smoking Log.

Wolf's Watch

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