Akashi Alia of House Ryswell

Obsidian-edged Ancestral Blade of House Ryswell

weapon (melee)

Currently wieled by Ser Artos Ryswell, this blade is the ancestral weapon of House Ryswell passed down from its earliest beginnings in recorded history as it is almost as ancient of a house as Stark. It’s obsidian edged but around a solid steel core to give it the heft and durability of a real blade.


This weapon requires extreme maintenance to maintain an edge unless only used against soft targets or used primarily for slashing instead of hacking and stabbing. Every male in the Ryswell line has been trained to be proficient in using an obsidian edged blade in battle, regardless of their position in succession.

Akash Alia is roughly translated in the Common tongue to mean “Sword (against/to drive away) the Others”. It is translated from the Old Tongue, a near extinct language only known by a few knowledgeable Maesters, some Wildlings and, of course, Giants.

Akashi Alia of House Ryswell

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