Maester Jeonan

Maester assigned to Wolf's Watch. Commonly known as the "Snow Bear"


A young Maester (at the age of 33) that serves at Wolf’s Watch under House Cazaleta. He stands 5’10" and around 165 but looks heavier because of his Maester robes. Most known for his mount and companion Snowball, a snow bear that stands 10ft tall on his hind legs. Besides Snowball he is know for his large collection of animal specimens in his lab, from snakes and beyond. If not performing his Maester duties he can be found practicing his Alchemy, helping out in the glass garden, or reading in the library.


Young Years (Birth – 16)

Jeonan was born as the second son to Jeor Mormont. As a young child while traveling to Deepwood Motte he fell overboard on a boat and nearly drown. He became a skilled archer in his youth as he found the bow much easier to use than a sword. This was just one of the differences that separated him from a “normal” Mormont. His size was smaller and frailer but he honed his mind to be better. Before reaching manhood he found a Snow Bear washed up on the shore of Bear Island and took it in a his pet, naming him Snowball.

Robert’s Rebellion (16-17)

During Roberts’ Rebellion the Mormonts joined in the fight when Eddard called his bannermen. Near the end of the war during a strategy meeting which included head of houses; namely Robert Baratheon, Jeor Mormont, Jon Arryn, and Eddard Stark; Jeonan spoke out of place making a suggestion about a different stragey to use at the Trident. It was Robert that allowed Jeonan to continue and even agreed with his idea. The planned Jeonan proposed greatly impacted the Battle of the Trident, guaranteeing Roberts one-on-one battle with Rhaegar. Robert joking called him the Snow Bear of the Mormonts, which even caused his own father to chuckle, forever embedding the nickname on him. After the victory Robert suggestion that he would make a great Maester, a comment that even the Old Bear agreed with.

Roberts Rule (17-33)

So after Robert became king Jeonan traveled with Snowball to Oldtown to become a Maester. He spent roughly 10 years there training. He trained extensively with Arch-Maester Ebrose under healing but also excelled in Warfare, Nature, and Nobility. He was well liked and known for Snowball walking around Oldtown which was an unusual sight for all. After taking his vows he was sent to serve House Cazaleta in the North at Wolf’s Watch, a young household that was only made after the rise of King Robert. The journey was one of the worst he has ever had as it was via boat all the way to White Harbor. He has served the Lady of the house, Layna Cazaleta, for the last 5 years tending to her and her children, any medical needs, and even the animals.

Maester Jeonan

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